The Open Ocean Downwind Racer, Mistral’s M1 12’6

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Fourteen Feet of Craziness…

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For Steve’s Impressions on the board watch the video in the link below: -        

Mistral Update March 2014 by Steve West

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March 2014 came and went in a blur, with orders being fulfilled around the globe for the highly anticipated Mistral 2014 SUP equipment line and with much excitement, our order also arrived and included both of Mistral’s 14’ and 12’6” Ocean Pro boards, the Kailua Fit 11’5”, the 14’ M1 iSUP and the extraordinary 10’6” [...]

Mistral Ambassador, Steve West’s SUP book.

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Stand Up Paddle – A Paddler’s Guide Book took 5 years to write and about another 30 years of ocean paddling knowledge and writing to bring about a body of work I am proud to have completed. At over 500 pages, it has something for everyone and in many ways it’s a lot more than [...]

Mistral Update February 2014 by Steve West


A ‘Coast Lifestyle’ embracing a relationship with water, dictates that such a life is dominated largely by weather and the elements that make up its components. Linked to the phenomenon of weather, reside our emotions. At the one end of the spectrum, high winds can raise the heart rate and adrenalin of the downwind paddler, [...]